Customer Service Challenges

Posted by TBeditor on February 28, 2012, at 9:58 pm

Yesterday, I asked my stepmom how she liked the plumber she used for her recent shower repair.  She said “He was ok”.

Not “OHMIGOD this guy was awesome”,

or “Great…if you ever need a plumber, you gotta call this guy”,

or “here, let me give you his card in case you ever need him”.

He was just “OK”.

When I asked what he could have done differently, what was lacking that he didn’t get a five-star rating from her, she replied, #1 he was unshaven and a little disheveled and #2 he left a bit of a mess, namely, he forgot his dirty rags in the basement.

Sure, he got the problem fixed, (no more leaks); he even looked at another issue she remembered once he got to the house.  And she trusted him.  BUT, what stands out in her mind?  dirty rags.

Which left me to consider….what picture is conjured up in our customers’ minds when our name is spoken or a friend asks for a heating or air conditioning referral?  The last thing I want it to be is “dirty footprints”  Or aggravation about waiting too long for the appointment  Or the issues my step-mom mentioned.  As a matter of fact, it’s a little frightening that there are so many ways we can fail to satisfy.  But we keep trying.  Because we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our business, 100% of the time.  And we always give you the chance to tell us if you’re not satisfied.  On every service call, we send our customers a Customer Satisfaction Survey (this is done through our watchdog, American Standard), which gives you an opportunity to tell us where we can improve.

Right now our Satisfaction Score with American Standard is 99%.  Not perfect, which means that we have more work to do.  BUT our watchdog also tells us that 100% of our customers have said they would refer us to a friend or family.   Would my stepmom refer us if she didn’t already know us?  I think she would.

Mary Maertin, Customer Service Rep.

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