Emergency Service

girl-very-coldService is the MOST important benefit we can offer our customers.  Chapman Heating & Cooling has been family owned and operated since 1979.  We strive to treat every customer like we would want our family to be treated.  We have a full staff of NATE certified, licensed and trained service technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 502.245.9240.   We will do everything in our power to be as clean as possible, courteous, and conscious of your needs.  We will never take advantage of any unfortunate circumstances and do all we can to get your HVAC equipment back in proper operation as fast as possible.  We work on ALL brands!

24/7 Emergency Service!  If you are calling out of office hours and are in need of Emergency Service please leave a message on the Emergency Line.  Your voicemail will be forwarded to a Service Technician and they will return your phone call shortly.

Monday through Saturday, 8:00am-8:00pm NO overtime rates!  Sundays and Holidays, additional service charges will apply. 


Sometimes when we are experiencing heating & cooling problems we are not sure if we should call and can only imagine how much it is going to cost when we do.  There are many things you can do yourself to help prevent or resolve small issues.  Here are some helpful tips to follow before you call!

  1. Check your electrical breaker!
  2. Check your filter! Make sure it is clean!  Dirty filters can cause restriction of air flow and cause your unit to freeze up.
  3. Check your copper pipes for ice.
  4. Is your thermostat set for Heat (or) Cool?  Is your fan set in the ON, AUTO or OFF position?
  5. Have a blank thermostat?  Do you need to change the batteries? (Please keep in mind not all thermostats are battery operated.)

Routine filter changes and cleaning of your units can also help keep your equipment working at peak efficiency!  Please check out our Preventive Maintenance Plans that we offer!