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We see them everywhere these days.  One that I learned about today was on Facebook, it looks like this:  

 FAcebook Icon

 You probably already know what it means, but I didn’t!  If you click on it while on our page on Facebook, you get this wonderful, informative and invaluable blog!

 When I searched for Air Conditioning Icons on the internet I found mostly snowflakes.  Can’t figure how that means A/C, but I suppose you can get there with the right verbage.    I think the best depiction of “cool air” that I found was the blue fan.Blue Fan

It just says “aaaahhhh ”, doesn’t it?    Well, if it’s a really hot day, it does. 

 And the  Farmer’s Almanac 2014 Prediction for the Midwest is that our Summer will be hotter and rainier than normal.    After experiencing the toughest Winter in 20 years, your furnace has really been tested.  Hopefully, you made it through unscathed.  Will your A/C be as lucky?  The best way to know is to have it checked out prior to using it.  A professional checkup will tell you whether the freon is right in the system, and whether the electrical components are in good condition.  If you know you’re system works, but want to head off trouble, prevention is key.  The best way to prevent problems is to clean the system.  We’ve had record precipitation this Winter, which means you’re a/c coils are bound to be dirty.  Dirt is the a/c system’s nemesis.  But that’s an easy fix.  When you drag out the garden hose to water your tulips and daffodils, give the air conditioning condensing unit a really good spray-down.   Don’t be afraid to spray inside the unit and clear away any leaves and other debris.  Then, before turning the system on, be sure to change the filter in your furnace.    You should be good to go. 

And when

mother nature




tries this:

Heat Exhaustion 2





you’ll be

smiley face

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