Tips For Saving Money This Summer From Tinley Park AC Repair

Posted by TBeditor on July 10, 2015, at 7:09 pm

AC Repair in Tinley Park is here to fix your AC in a time of need. But when everything is in working order, we’re also here to help you save money. We know how to help you get the most out of your AC unit without breaking the bank on utility bills, even when heating and air conditioning eat up a whopping 43% of your bill.

We want your AC to last forever and we don’t want you to think of your unit as a money sucker. Try following some of these tips this summer to save some money and stay cool.

Tinley Park Air Conditioning Services Wants You to Save Money

Air Conditioning Repair MokenaTinley Park Air Conditioning are experts, after all. Following these quick tips will have more money in your pocket in no time at all!

  1. Close your drapes and plant some trees! Most of the heat comes from your windows. You can be proactive by keeping drapes and blinds closed, but sometimes that can feel a little claustrophobic. Another option is to invest in trees. Believe it or not, investing in a fifteen foot tree will still save you money. Your house will be ten to twenty degrees cooler thanks to shade.
  2. We do love Air Conditioning in Tinley Park, but have you ever heard of a solar screen? They will be lifesavers when it comes to saving cash. Solar screens absorb seventy percent of sunlight before it gets through your window. Amazing. They work best in east or west facing windows. It’s a bit of a cost upfront, but the savings will be immeasurable.
  3. It doesn’t need to be an icebox. Most people are comfortable at about seventy six degrees. However, many homes turn their ACs down to seventy or below. Try upping the temp a bit to see how much you can tolerate comfortably. Then, when you’re gone, remember to turn it off. This is huge. Remembering to turn down your AC for eight hours a day is critical to saving money while you’re at work, working hard to pay those bills!
  4. Move air without the AC. Fans are old school, but they work! According to energy efficiency experts, place fans on upper levels. If you’re able, open windows on the windward side and place a fan far away but across from those windows in order to create cross breeze.
  5. Spend time on lower levels. If you have a finished basement, you’re in luck! Basements are meccas of cool. A cold glass of water may be all you need to be comfortably cool in your basement. If you the room you’re in tends to be relatively cool, do not open windows and let humid air in. The room will be a furnace in no time.
  6. Focus on cooling yourself. Don’t take hot showers, keep hydrated, and place icepacks on your neck. It’s very easy to lower the body temperature without cooling down a huge house.
  7. Get creative with cooking. Avoid your stove at all costs! Utilize your grill and even your microwave. If you do have to cook, be sure to do it at night and to use your stove fan to suck the heat back up. Take the opportunity to make a cold soup, like gazpacho or cool salad.
  8. Keep your AC serviced. Tinley Park Air Conditioning Repair are your partners in efficiency. We’ll keep your unit working and working well, rather than working too hard to produce cool air. That just costs you more money. AC repair can be costly, but Tinley Park Ac repair, Maertin, will work with you.
  9. We also recommend keeping your filters clean and your unit level for proper air flow.
  10. Set the AC fan speed on high, even on cool days. However, when it’s humid, set it on low to remove moisture in your air.
  11. Don’t forget your dehumidifier, housed in your basement. Not having one can cause damage to your home.

Air conditioning services in Tinley Park You Can Trust

Air conditioning services in Tinley Park are not hard to come by, but we want to be with you for the life of your unit, and guiding you when it’s time for your next one. Air Conditioning in Tinley Park is essential in the summer months, but we don’t want you go broke cooling your home. We’re your partners in heating and cooling. When you need AC repair in Tinley Park, Maertin Heating and Cooling be there for you.

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