Attention Snowbirds!

Posted by TBeditor on September 4, 2013, at 3:32 pm

One of the challenges of traveling south for the Winter and enjoying it is avoiding the worry of whether your heating system is working.  Who wants to come home to frozen pipes or, worse, a flood from those pipes bursting!   Thanks to modern technology, you have plenty of options to avoid such problems.

Honeywell offers a “Winter Watchman” freeze warning device which will turn on a household lamp when the temperature fails.  It’s useful when the house is unoccupied to notify a neighbor of a temperature drop so the heating source fault can be rectified before a freeze-up occurs.

 Apple has the “Nest” thermostat available for use with your Smart Phone.

 American Standard offers its new Nexia Home Intelligence  System, which can give you control of anything from your household temperature to the locks in your home.

 But our favorite is the Honeywell line of RedLink Thermostat products.  Their Wi-Fi FocusPro thermostat provides convenience AND peace of mind.  This product is easily programmable from your computer, smart phone or tablet, allowing you to check on the temperature of your home some 2,000 miles away!  Some of the great features of the RedLink Technology include:

  • Access multiple thermostats if your system is zoned.

  • Access multiple locations if more than one system is connected.

  • View and change your HVAC system settings (heat, cool, off, auto, fan , emergency heat).

  • Receive temperature alerts via e-mail or app.

  • Get automatic upgrades as new features are available.

  • Schedule changes in the temperature of your home remotely via the web.

One of the bests part of the remote access thermostat technology is that you can adjust your home’s temperature just before your plane departs;  by the time you arrive  home all the household furnishings will already be heated up and your home will be truly comfortable when you walk in the door.


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