3 Tips for Improving IAQ During Fall in Tampa, FL

Though residents of Tampa, FL probably kept their ACs running all day to fight off the blazing summer weather, this might not be the case for the fall. This may seem like a relief at first, but autumn can bring its own home comfort challenges. This is particularly true when it comes to the area of indoor air quality (IAQ). Read on to learn about some simple steps you can take to help improve your home’s IAQ.

Maintain Your HVAC System

One simple way you can help make sure your HVAC system isn’t harming the quality of the air inside your home is to replace or clean your HVAC system’s air filter regularly. You should do so every 1-3 months. Of course, changing the air filter alone won’t be enough to ensure that your home’s heating equipment is doing all it can to help boost your home’s IAQ.

Investing in seasonal maintenance visits for your HVAC system is an essential step for maintaining healthy air quality. During these visits, your service technician will clean all major components and check the system’s drain pan to make sure the lines aren’t clogged and water isn’t backing up. If you have a furnace, your technician will also check the burners, heat exchange, and combustion chamber along with the gas and ventilation connections.

Keep Everything Clean

As the weather begins to get colder, one of the significant potential changes can be the increase in the concentration of various airborne diseases. People are more vulnerable to catching colds or the flu in colder weather than they otherwise would be, so keeping your home free of germs is a major task for those seeking to maintain a healthy household and maximize IAQ.

To minimize your family’s exposure to germs, you should clean and vacuum your home thoroughly and on a regular basis. Unfortunately, cleaning your house regularly and sticking to a strict HVAC maintenance schedule simply might not be enough. Therefore, you may also want to look into investing in products that can help you improve the air quality inside your home if you have persistent IAQ issues or someone in your household has respiratory problems.

Advacned Indoor Air Quality Products

Shutting your windows to maintain a comfortable environment can have the unintended effect of decreasing the level of airflow in your home, which also tends to have an adverse effect on IAQ. Adding a mechanical ventilator to your home’s HVAC system allows it to pull in fresh air from outside and expel airborne pollutants that would otherwise build up. You might also want to consider getting a whole-home air cleaner or purifier. These devices trap or remove particular matter and pathogens by a variety of means.

IAQ has a significant impact on both your health and your comfort, and you cannot afford to neglect it. To maintain healthy indoor air quality in your home this fall, call Tampa Bay Air Conditioning and learn about our indoor air quality services.

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