3 Ways to Create Even Airflow in Lutz, FL

Airflow is essential to pretty much every aspect of HVAC functioning. Without it, you’ll either be stuck this winter in Lutz, FL without heating, or you’ll have to deal with an inefficient system and overpay for utility costs. Here are three ways that you can help create even airflow in your Lutz, FL home.

1. Check Your Filters

Dirty air filters are among the most common causes of airflow obstruction in HVAC systems. As they work to maintain indoor air quality, your system’s air filters will collect the pollutants that they’ve removed from the air onto their meshes. Over time, these pollutants will become so concentrated that they will actually hinder the flow of air.

To prevent this, you must remember to change your air filters at least once every 90 days. If your system has reusable filters, clean them according to this same timetable.

2. Never Neglect Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is important for an enormous number of reasons. For example, calling in a technician to do a maintenance check may enable them to discover and solve problems with your HVAC system that haven’t yet become serious but that threaten to become so in the future. Maintenance can prolong system life, and it is so important that manufacturers typically demand proof of it as a condition of their warranties.

Since airflow is so crucial to HVAC performance, every tune-up meant to increase performance will very likely also improve airflow. Whether the technician cleans out coils or lubricates the moving parts, it will probably enhance the airflow.

3. Check Your Vents

Ensure that your vents are clean and unobstructed. Remove any furniture, rugs or curtains that may block them. These things can greatly restrict airflow. Additionally, keeping your home’s interior doors open will help to improve airflow

We strongly recommend taking action to improve your airflow. While there are some things that you can personally do to make this happen, others require professional intervention. Call Tampa Bay Air Conditioning and request a maintenance visit near Lutz, FL.

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