Ductless Multi-Splits Let You Divide Your Home Into Multiple Comfort Zones

Central HVAC has long been the most popular choice for home comfort in Lutz, FL. Around 86% of households in the Sunshine State rely on central air for cooling. Today, there’s a new kid in town: ductless multi-splits. These innovative heat pumps are designed for zoning, allowing you to maintain different temperatures throughout your home. Is it time for you to get in the comfort zone?

Zoned for Comfort

Whole-home HVAC systems use ductwork to distribute conditioned air at a pre-set temperature. Unfortunately, many factors can alter the air temperature as it circulates through your home. Second-story rooms may stay warmer than those on the ground floor. Rooms that receive direct sunlight might warm up more quickly than shaded areas.

In contrast, multi-split heat pumps operate duct-free. They use a series of strategically positioned air handlers to deliver air directly into designated zones. Conduits link the air handlers to a single outdoor unit housing the condenser and compressor. Each air handling unit has a thermostat, which allows you to alter the temperature from zone to zone.

Money-Saving Benefits

Personalized comfort is one of the advantages that ductless multi-splits have over traditional whole-house systems. You’ll save money too! In a typical central HVAC system, ductwork can account for more than 30% of energy usage for air conditioning. The absence of ducts makes mini-splits and multi-splits some of the most energy-efficient systems available today.

Custom Installations

Compared with other HVAC systems, ductless multi-splits offer greater flexibility when it comes to installations. The ceiling, the wall, the floor — our technicians can install ductless air handlers just about anywhere. Installation is quick and relatively unobtrusive. A three-inch hole to accommodate the conduits gets drilled behind each air handler to connect them to the outdoor unit.

An increasingly popular alternative to conventional HVAC systems, ductless multi-splits keep you in your comfort zone. For more information about ductless HVAC systems, call us today.

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