Should You Repair or Replace Your Heat Pump in Tampa, FL?

A broken-down heat pump can be very frustrating because it does not maintain the indoor comfort you want. When your unit develops efficiency issues, you may be unsure whether to repair it or get a replacement. Below, we will help you understand how to choose between heat pump repair and replacement in Tampa, FL.

The Problem Causing the Failure

Problems that may cause a heat pump to fail to regulate indoor temperatures include a clogged air filter, a faulty compressor, leaky ducts, and refrigerant leaks. Some problems, such as a blocked air filter, are easy to fix since you only need to replace your filter.

You can call a technician to repair leaky ducts and refrigerant leaks without incurring a huge cost. However, a faulty compressor is costly to repair. If this is the problem, instead of spending a lot of money fixing just one component, you may want to consider replacing your system.

Your Heat Pump’s Size

An undersized heat pump will never reach your preferred temperature levels because it does not have the capacity to regulate your indoor temperatures. An oversized system causes uneven temperature distribution in your house because it does not complete a temperature regulation cycle. Undersized and oversized units increase your energy bill.

Unfortunately, repairs cannot improve the efficiency of an incorrectly sized heat pump. You need to get a correctly sized unit to enjoy indoor comfort and reduced energy bills.

Your Heat Pump’s Age

Heat pumps’ efficiency tends to go down as the unit advances in age. This is because its parts have become worn out over the years.

For this reason, your unit may need to run for a longer period to achieve your preferred temperatures. The longer it runs, the more energy it consumes. ENERGY STAR recommends getting a new heat pump every 10 years.

Contact Tampa Bay Air Conditioning whenever you need exceptional heat pump services in the Tampa, FL area. Whether you need repairs or installation, our team responds in a timely manner to attend to your system and minimize the interruption of your indoor comfort.

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