The Top 3 Benefits of Spring HVAC Maintenance

Many homeowners in Tampa, FL opt out of regular tune-ups for their AC system. Though they may change the filter and do other maintenance tasks once in a while, they’re doing their system a disservice. Below, we give the top three benefits for homeowners who get an AC tune-up every spring.

More Efficient Cooling

Does your AC run longer than usual to reach the desired temperature? Or does it switch on and off so rapidly that it never performs efficiently? Perhaps at the same time, you’ve noticed an unusual increase in your utility bill?

Regular tune-ups can largely eliminate the problems that lead up to these and other situations. For example, by cleaning the coils and the compressor unit of your heat pump, the technician can allow it to remove heat more efficiently from your home.

Less Frequent Repairs

By running more smoothly, heat pumps wear out less quickly and so won’t require as many repairs. Besides that, maintenance nips a lot of issues in the bud while they still escape the notice of homeowners. So, whatever repairs become necessary won’t take you by surprise or put a dent in your wallet.

Get More Years Out of Your System

Have you been wondering when you might be requesting another AC installation? If you maintain your current system, you won’t need to think about replacing it for years to come. Well-maintained heat pumps can keep a home cool for up to 20 years.

Our HVAC Maintenance Agreements

For seasonal maintenance, call Tampa Bay Air Conditioning because we offer comprehensive tune-up services from experienced professionals. Although we’re designated as a Trane Comfort Specialist, we gladly perform tune-ups for all makes and models.

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